David Negrete






高校卒業後ジャズマスターCharles Mcpersonに師事。


2007年 同院卒業後ニューヨークに活動の拠点を移し老舗ジャズスタンダード等にてライブを行う。

2011年に日本に移住し、バンド『Tribe of D』を結成。





2016年1月13日にアポロサウンズより自己のバンドと共に録音したファーストリーダーアルバム『Tribe of D』を発売。



David Negrete was born in 1984 in Long Beach California. His mother taught him to play the piano when he was 5 years old, and when he turned 10 he chose the flute as his main instrument for middle school and high school. While studying classical music on the flute he had an earnest desire to play the alto sax after hearing it played on a local jazz radio station. 

When he was a young teenager the Negrete family moved to San Diego. Before even graduating high school David was hunting the local music scene, composing music, and joining late night jam sessions with local musicians like trumpeter Gilbert Castellanos. It was also in San Diego where the youngster found jazz master Charles Mcpherson, and for a short while took lessons to grasp the fundamentals of bebop and improvisation.

In 2004 David was awarded a full tuition scholarship to attend the Berklee College of Music in Boston based off of a performance audition. There he studied harmony & theory, counterpoint and composition. Professors who he studied under included Hal Crook, Terri Lyne Carrington, George Garzone, Walter Beasley, Ed Tomassi, Dave Fiuczynski and Tiger Okoshi.

While still a young student Negrete's biggest performance based training came from the nearby jazz club Wally's Cafe. It was here where historical jazz icons frequently came and performed freely with the spirit of jazz. Negrete became a regular, and soon he was performing every week with the new generation of musicians such as Warren Wolf and Jason Palmer. 

Upon graduating Berklee David moved to New York. Here he gained further experiences with much more artists and musicians performing at the Blue Note and Jazz Standard. 

In 2011 the saxophonist left the states and located to Japan. Since then he has been gaining a lot of attention in the Tokyo music scene. His debut CD entitled  [TRIBE OF D] was released in January 2016. It features original music written in Japan and features an all-star line up of Japanese musicians.  

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